Peace and justice in the world require everybody’s attention. It is the need of the hour to come forward and join hands to contribute to bringing peace and justice because all of God’s creations deserve that! It is true that Justice and Peace encourage individual and collective action by citizens for the promotion of peace and justice. It is our responsibility that can be fulfilled with our genuine participation in this notion, both locally and globally. That is why there are communities, groups, and individuals coming together to work in this direction. There are speakers like Justin Giboney and Russel Moore, who motivate and inspire people by providing peace talk series. Let us discuss more on this.

First of all, we should know that Christian spiritual formation is based on the aim of letting people not only know but also realize, follow, and implement the fact that all people are created equal in the image of God. And this can be achieved when individuals or communities take the lead in working toward a deeper desire for justice and peace for all God’s creations. Now the point is how to inspire individuals and communities. That is where the peace talk series come into action. Motivational speeches in the form of a peace talk series by famous speakers such as Russell Moore social justice are about their experiences on this subject. It is about the events and incidents that happened and came as inspirations. Their sessions are archived and compiled as a series so others can benefit.


You can approach us if you want to listen to a peace talk series by speakers like J. Giboney and Russel Moore or want to know more about Christlike character qualities. The Center For Formation, Justice, and Peace provides the platform for you and all to contribute and work in this direction. You will get the right direction to continue on this path with individuals, groups, and communities contributing to the same purpose. You can join or subscribe to listen to a series by speakers who are well-known personalities who are already working in this direction while still pursuing their profession.